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Start to improve your presentation skills today. 

FREE 30 mins. exploration session where we discuss your needs

Customized plan and approach for you

Clear goals and deliverables

Evaluation on the go

I can’t believe how positive the reactions were!

“When I needed to host a workshop for my team, I didn’t know where to start. Something fun? Something meaningful? I got nervous and lost nights of sleep just thinking about it.

This is where TRAININGMINDED came in, Katia helped me to build a plan and we practiced the delivery together. I had way more fun than I ever thought possible. Katia also did a session on Minimalism herself that had a huge impact on our team!

I can’t believe how positive the reactions were and how people reacted to our workshop even weeks later!– Elke V., Ghent

Yes, I want to become a confident speaker.

During this 30 minutes session, we’ll get to know each other and we can come up with a plan that suits your needs. No strings attached, let’s start with a chat! 

Do you ever suffer from stage fright? Would rather dig a hole with your bare hands, jump in it, spend the day there instead of presenting for a group? Or are you just friendly passing along every opportunity to speak in front of your team or your customers?

If this is you, then you’re missing out. BIG TIME.

You’re missing out on genuine connections, you’re missing out on the fun of influencing a room and I’m sure you’re missing career and personal growth opportunities. Now, why would you do that to yourself?

I help you grow as a public speaker and trainer, so you’ll never doubt the impact of your training or presentation again. 

I’ve gathered 15 years of experience in these fields by performing for thousands of people on a theatre stage, by being a trainer for Apple & Lightspeed, by hosting and presenting everything from webinars, mastermind sessions, company presentations and more.

We start with a free introduction session that you can schedule with the click of a button, we will go over your goals and set up ways to reach them faster than you’d ever imagined.

With dedicated practice and observation techniques that I’ve learned from training at Apple and other successful companies, we can work on your skills and help you make an impact, every single time.

You want to get some game-changing advice immediately? I have that for you!

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