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A trainingminded company

Make an impact.

I’m Katia, I help you grow as a public speaker and trainer, so you’ll never doubt the impact of your training or presentation again. 

With dedicated practice and observation techniques that I’ve learned from training at Apple and other successful companies, we can work on your skills and help you make an impact, every single time.


in the training business since 2015

LOOKING FOR HELP IN PUBLIC SPEAKING? I’ve got you. If you want to improve your public speaking skills or those of a team member, we’ll work 1:1 to maximise the results in a short period of time. Are you looking for a group training? That’s also something I can do, tailored to the needs of your company.

LOOKING FOR HELP IN TRAINING? Need to train your team on a new process? Don’t have a training structure at all? I can help! I’ll help you draft and execute a training plan. We’ll set you up for success and evaluate as needed.

HIRE A MULTILINGUAL PRESENTER FOR YOUR EVENT? Want to create the best event your company has ever seen? Have a great lineup already but missing a presenter? Need to organize workshops and have no idea where to start? Or missing everything AND missing a presenter? I’m here to help. 



My Vision

I am coaching men and women in public speaking and training, who want to make an impact on their audience and want to speak without fear or stress. 

It’s going to be fun and that’s what makes the difference! 


My Mission

I want to free the world of boring presentations and mind-numbing trainings. And be honest, in how many of those have you been already? If the answer is “too many”, I’ve got you. 

I am here to help you grow as a public speaker and trainer so you’ll never doubt the impact of a presentation again. 

Especially in the current circumstances due to COVID, where almost every training or presentation is online – we’re happy to offer our help and expertise in making those experiences more delightful than stressful.

When you don’t have the time to invest in this yourself, don’t worry – you can also hire me to host webinars, presentations or trainings for you. 

What I offer

Tailored to your needs

We work together. That means that you tell u in which domain you need help and we make a customized plan. I also have ready-to-go courses on presenting or public speaking, if that’s what you need.

Individual training

Customized training for your team

Hire a professional presenter or trainer

Happy trainers make happy participants!

Trainers trained

Speakers trained

Sessions delivered